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Current Pabuca topic, of course…

In the heart of the town at the main square, there’s the town hall – and it’s its surroundings that I’m showing here, ordered west (front), north, east, south (simply ignoring the 3-pictures-rule). But photographed upwards. :)

Rathaus nach oben W IMG_5266

Rathaus nach oben N IMG_5265

Rathaus nach oben O IMG_5264

Rathaus nach oben S IMG_5267


PABUCE topic “Faults”… but whose fault is it anyway?

At the District Office’s construction site, they decided to build a gable at one back corner even though only a normal roof was originally planned and approved – since that casts too much shadow on the opposite house, its owner didn’t like that, and the gable must be removed:


Before – after: What a little landslide can do to a garden…


(This is, by the way, the construction site of the apartment complex where I’m living for two years now. Wasn’t my fault, though.^^)

And a little fault during road markings:


A cool house with hot rides

…that is, my latest Lego house in the Cool Yellow color with strange trikes which are adaptations of the Chima Speedorz:

Chima Trikes Store front1

Chima Trikes 1

» More on Flickr.


Summertime at Pabuca’s…

Summer – time for outdoor swimming. You got such pools in many towns, but which has such a picturesque clock tower above the main entrance?


Summer – time for the (nearly) annual night flea market, even if that’s mostly taking place during broad daylight (but Munich’s Oktoberfest is mostly in September, too, celebrating just into October):

Nachtflohmarkt IMG_5254

Speaking of the Oktoberfest: Summer – time for building the beer hall. Our Volksfest, by the way, takes place in early/mid September:


Hey, stay inside!