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New Insight Into the Chicken-or-Egg Question

You all know this old question: What came first, the chicken or the egg? Latest scientific evidence provide a means to get closer to an answer, for now the egg chicken has been discovered, certainly providing new insight into the solution to this problem:


Seeing this, can you still be mad at the late winter?

With this beautiful ice art? Alright, could’ve been a month earlier… like it was last year, for instance.

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IMG_9486_a IMG_9503_a

Tramp? But where’s Lady?


Mother with three kids? And which duck’s sniffing around here?

IMG_9491_a IMG_9504_a


Football or dancing?


IMG_9498_a IMG_9505_a


Picasso faces?


These are the two benches from which these details were taken. Can someone read (in enlarged view) what’s written there? That must be a message from extraterrestrial ice fairies, don’t you think?

IMG_9496_a IMG_9497_a

But that wasn’t all:


IMG_9447_a IMG_9476_a


Links and Video of the Week (2009/50)

Projekt 52/36: Beauty Queen

The next topic of Projekt 52.

36: Beauty Queen

Topic 36: Beauty Queen

Beauty queens? Ain’t none in this locality, I tell you! At least this applies to the center of Pfaffenhofen’s island which currently hosts the sculpture group “7 Dwarves – 7 Giants” by Robert Wolf: 7 politician dwarves around a pole with a larger figure combining the 7 arts.

This one may be sort of a queen, but even with the suitable pose of Commedia dell’Arte’s beautiful Smeraldina – no offence meant, Mrs Merkel – certainly no beauty queen…

Links and Videos of the Week (2009/31)

  • Nice summer photos at The Big Picture: Lightning and Divers.
  • A video of long exposures of bugs under a street light (via Nerdcore):


  • Great poetry: William Shatner reads Sarah Palin’s farewell speech and her tweets (via Astrodicticum Simplex und CNBC Europe):