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Link and Video of the Week (2010/18)

Links and Videos of the Week (2010/14)

A pixelated roof


Old and soon new in 50mm

For today’s photo walk, I restricted myself to the 50mm lens – and in addition to some nature photos that I’ll probably show tomorrow, I mostly photographed old buildings and a construction site.

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Obere Stadtmauer IMG_8623_a

altes Haus auf der Insel IMG_8579_a Auenstraße IMG_8637_a

Lastenaufzug (Scheyerer Straße) IMG_8645_a Kanal und Gestrüpp IMG_8641_a


niedriges Haus im Draht IMG_8610 schräg_a Auenstraße IMG_8634 schräg_a

Auenstraße IMG_8639_a Durchfahrt (Untere Stadtmauer) IMG_8628_a

Hauptplatz IMG_8654_a

Hauptplatz Bauzaunplakate IMG_8653_a Hauptplatz IMG_8652_a

Hauptplatz IMG_8648 Boden_a

Projekt 52/42: Towers

The next topic of Projekt 52.

42: Towers

Projekt 52 Topic 42: Towers

Quite simple: St Johannes Baptist in Pfaffenhofen – seen through a gap on the oppisite end of the main square.