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Like an elephant…

The scaffolding was removed recently from the department store that has been extended and received its new escalator in February, and so it shines in all its splendor – and, well, it somehow looks to me like an elephant with its tusks cut off:

house with trunk

Or what do you see? :bigsmile:

Projekt 52 week 27: (old) masonry

The topic of week 27 in Sari’s photo Projekt 52:

(old) walls/masonry

Well then:

27: (old) masonry

Week 27: (old) walls/masonry

Part of an old warehouse – other parts of which were already shown in week 20 – right in the town’s center, with construction work next to it.

Update 4 Jul: They’re actually erecting a scaffolding around that building today…

And as I got to know in the mean time, it actually is protected as a historical building – a nearby hotel already parked their guests’ horse-drawn carriages there a long time ago.

Windows needed

Loch in der Wand

So they make them. Loudly. Or two. Or three. Or …



When you’re already annoyed by the demolition work across the street – the old Amberger cinema, later “Ilmgau-Großmarkt” and part of the department store, part of the building group which I had shown before for the Projekt 52 topic “Contemporary witness” – (German newspaper article), you can at least try to make the best out of it: a few photos ;) (click for larger versions):

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Klickeradoms 1
Klickeradoms 2

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Projekt 52 Week 10: Architecture

The topic of week 10 in Sari’s photo Projekt 52:


Well, Pfaffenhofen doesn’t have that many eye-catching modern architecture, the main square (which has some nice old-style buildings, including the town hall) are a big construction site right now, and I didn’t want to take some photos from the archive such as the Neue Messe Stuttgart (whose parking garage I had used for a picture riddle) or the new shopping mall in Heilbronn which was almost finished last Christmas.

So I chose these two pictures:

10: Architecture (1)

Week 10: Architecture

The “House of Meeting” at the western end of the main square in Pfaffenhofen – with library, gallery, tourist office and music school.

10: Architecture (2)

Week 10: Architecture

A birdhouse…