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Links of the Week (2009/07)

Links of the Week (2009/05)

Links and Video of the Week (4/2009)

  • Pacman as text adventure (via Nerdcore). It looks like this:
    You move west.
    As you move you are eating the food pellet in your way. It tastes delicious.
    There is a shrieking noise echoing through the maze.
    You are in a passage leading from west to east.
    In the EAST you can see some delicious food 4 steps away.
    There is a crossing to the east 1 step away.
    In the WEST you can see some delicious food just 1 step away.
    There is a junction to the west 2 steps away.

    Luckily, there’s also a little map.

  • The entire new album Sepultura, A-LEX, can be played online (warning: no volume control in the online player; via biotechpunk).
  • David Letterman’s “Top 10 things I will actually miss about Bush” (via direkteingabe):

Links of the Week (2008/47)

Olympic translation?

Translated text

They may have thought: Better no translation at all than just Babelfish babble…

Xbox marketplace in August 2008