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A prettier train

Lacking ideas of what to blog today, I thought I’d show you the latest of my Lego creations – or in this case a modification of the red passenger train (7938). And since already the original set reminds somewhat of a Talent, my version reminds even more of a Talent. :)

train with light

full train

» More photos and descriptions on MOCpages.

Projekt 52/39: Pure Joy

The next topic of Projekt 52:

39: Pure Joy

Projekt 52 Topic 39: Pure Joy

Pure joy for the penguin: He may set the final stone on this little Lego house!

(More photos of this my own house creation in my Lego set on Flickr and even more Lego on MOCpages.)

Projekt 52/37: Crowned & 38: Little Helper(s)

Two topics of Projekt 52 in one photo:

37: Crowned & 38: Little Helper(s)

Projekt 52 Topic 37: Crowned and 38: Little helper(s)

The penguin is crowned by his little helpers Pope Spheniscus I! Or maybe antipope, since old Ratzinger in Rome probably won’t step down for him.

And even Tim Minchin and Richard Dawkins will praise this pope in song and speech!

Projekt 52/33: Big Journey

The next topic of Projekt 52.

33: Big journey

Projekt 52 Topic 33: Big journey

I’m a little doubtful if the penguin’s big journey will work this way on top of the Lego Space Shuttle…

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