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Projekt 52/33: Big Journey

The next topic of Projekt 52.

33: Big journey

Projekt 52 Topic 33: Big journey

I’m a little doubtful if the penguin’s big journey will work this way on top of the Lego Space Shuttle…

Links and Video of the Week (2010/21+22)

Links and Videos of the Week (2009/35+36)


  • Another stop-motion video, this one with post-it notes (via Hombertho):

A Difficult Step

Step 1

Whoops, the first step in this Lego instruction is way too difficult for me. Couldn’t they have split it in two steps…? Anyway, glad it’s not a pro only instruction manual – just imagine they had combined steps 1 and 2 into one! ;)

Links and Videos of the Week (2009/10)

One link and three videos today:

  • The Atheist Blogger writing about The Noah’s Ark Paradox.


The Difference Between Transcendent Supernatural And Non-Existent (via @_sapereaude_):


A recording of that famous small step from another point of view – also available in higher quality, and Bad Astronomy has some explanations:


H.G.Wells’ Time Machine in an elaborate Lego version (best viewed in HD directly at Youtube; via Nerdcore):