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Links and Video of the Week (2013/06-07)



An ad on a local ad newspaper (Bayrisches Taferl 16/2009) in normal newspaper size – complete view1 in the top left, the right and lower parts show enlarged details of the red framed areas. (Click to enlarge.)

My congratulations to the winner of the “Least Readable Asterisk Explanation Text” contest!! ;)

Update 17:20: Ha, they even got the same offer on their website – here’s the non-selectable text in default size:


At least you can read it without problems when zooming in with the browser – it says the usual about the limited time, extras are extra, can’t be combined with other offers, and the copyright of “Doctor’s Associates Inc.”, who own the SUBWAY® brand.


  1. except for the other ads that I blurred, that is []

A week starts with…

Calendar Week

Translation: Validity: Calendar Week 14/2009: 1 Apr – 7 Apr 09

A calendar week starts on… Wednesdays??

(Brochure of an electronics market 2009)

Are Two Really Better Than Three?

Are two better than three?

Translation: “…Intel used the catchy argument: “Two are better than three”: The Nehalem CPU’s memory controler has three memory channels…”

Neither Intel nor the c’t could have meant it like the c’t wrote in a paragraph about Intel’s new Nehalem CPUs…

(c’t 7/2009, Germany)

Phone number telepathy?

If that’s supposed to be a kind of aptitude test, it’s quite a high barrier:

Spiritual healing for telepaths?

Translation: Do you want to learn how to heal, too? Offering reiki introductions in all levels. Tel.

Spiritual healing for telepaths? It wasn’t me who removed the phone number for privacy reasons, it was missing already in the newspaper…

(Bayrisches Taferl 06/2009)