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picture riddle

Picture riddle 11

Let’s have a little photo quiz in between:

What is this on the photo?
Alright, it’s pretty clear that something is being reflected in the water, as is which lake this is… so the more concrete question:

What is reflected in the water?

Bilderrätsel 11

Solved by David: The yellow stripes that are reflected here prevent the boat (on the left) from being shit on by birds like the boat on the right:

Bilderrätsel 11 Lösung

Picture riddle 10

What’s this detail from?

Bilderrätsel 10

:clap: Solved by, well, rather all three participants together: David, Julia and Konna:

An artistically painted tram/streetcar, the Rizzibahn in Heilbronn:

Bilderräddsel 10 Lösung

Thanks for participating! :bigsmile:

Picture riddle 9

What’s this detail from?

picture riddle 9

Solution by Dee: A crane (more specifically, the top of the jib):

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Picture riddle 8

What’s this detail from?

Bilderrätsel 8

Solved by m.o.m.: :clap: the head rest of a train seat in the München-Nürnberg-Express (RE 4011) – which I didn’t want to hear that exactly, of course. :)

picture riddle 8 solution

Thanks for participating!

Picture riddle 7

What’s this detail from?

Picture riddle 7

The solution, found by Konna: :clap:

An old bincular:

Bilderräddsel 7 Lösung