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“Reflections” is the current Pabuca topic, and here are only wet reflections:

It’s not a big puddle, so there’s not a lot of the town hall tower reflecting in it:

Rathaus-Spiegelung IMG_4883

During weather that’s not that well suited for open-air pool visits, there’s “not much” going on in the diving pool, only the wind causes slight ripples:

leeres Sprungbecken IMG_4879

When it rains, there are hardly any noticeable reflections visible – still, it would have been suited for mental reflections while reflecting between the pool edges oneself; rain doesn’t really bother when inside the pool (as long as it’s thunderstrom-free). Of course it only started raining that much when I was finished swimming…

Schwimmbecken bei Regen IMG_4880

(Two or three swimmers were still in the pool, just outside of the photographed section.)

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Projekt 52: Das kühle Nass

One of May’s topics of Projekt 52:

21: Cool Water

Projekt 52 May: Cool Water

Seems like the penguin wants an outdoor pool season ticket, too…

(And despite being called warm pool, the water’s quite chilly.)

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