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Links and Videos of the Week (2011/32)


  • 109 young Chinese vs. Real Madrid (via ui.)

Slices of Germany

Another – this time single – photo for Projekt 52, showing a special type of cake during the women’s football world cup:

Projekt 52/04+24+25: When I Was Small, Ball Pit, Architecture

A combination of three topics in two photos of Projekt 52.

04/24: When I Was Small, Ball Pit

Projekt 52 Topic 04+24: When I was small, ball pit

A mini Lego version of the penguin in a pit of Lego balls…

04/25: When I Was Small, Architecture

Projekt 52 Topic 04+25: When I was small, architecture

With his mini Lego version on some houses (more photos of the houses here).

Links and Videos of the Week (2011/21)