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A “little” Lego spaceship of mine which mainly consists of the letters SPACE:

The back side is mostly open so you can look inside:

And since Flickr currently has problems, I uploaded the whole bunch of pictures here (clicking for full view and browsing works here, too) – starting with more exterior views:

Front and rear:

Exterior details – air conditioning, water recycling, an alien, headlight repair, geological expedition, fin:

Interior view – bridge (top left ro bottom right: communication, captain, navigation; science station; tactical and security); lift; lab, probe and torpedo launcher:

Cafeteria and holodeck (with defect), crew quarters (with bathroom), officers quarters and loading bay, reactor control and engineering; shuttle hangar and rover garage:

Schematics and construction details:

Update: » Flickr

Lego Simpsons Monorail

With the somewhat iconic status of both the Lego monorail among Lego fans and the Simpsons monorail among Simpsons fans (and the current monorail event in the Tapped Out game), I thought I build one:

Simpsons Monorail 1

Simpsons Monorail 3

For comparison, the looks of the Simpsons monorail (show and game):

Simpsons Monorails from show and game

I also attempted a rough recreation of the game’s splash screen:

Simpsons Monorail Finger

As usual, see 1000steine.de (German), Eurobricks (English) and the Flickr album for more.

Advent Triple Threat Match 2014 (22-24)

The finals! Continuing from 7:8:8½…

Day 22: A christmas tree with colorful lights, a little present box with contents and a christmas astromech.


Who is the taller tree? Hard to see… but “I am!”, says the droid, and takes his point: 7:8:9½.

Day 23: A tricycle, a christmas tree with rather monotonously colored decorations and, lo and behold, even the apparently dark side of the force likes open fireplaces.


Mum holds back her son – “No, you mustn’t see this already today!” –, while the two Friends engage in a little training fight and Luke relaxes with the book from day 18 at the fireplace. Could this be a hint for future events in the new Star Wars movies…? Anyway: half a point for the nice Star Wars things, 7:8:10.

On day 24, of course, the santas arrive – in the left corner the generic City version, in the right corner a nice Darth Vader, in between a big present with camera and ice skates…


…in the same box! But seeing these many extra skates, they are probably more concerned for these than for the camera. The children are a bit disappointed – “This one only has a small sack and only a few cookies!” – “The other one doesn’t even have cookies!” But daddy and colleague are back just in time with the presents!

A cat photo is mandatory – quick, upload it or the Internet dies from being neglected. Cheers! And enjoy cour cookies while they aren’t yet prohibited and must be smuggled with great efforts…

Oh, the winner: Daddy and colleage get another point, but this can’t take the final victory from Star Wars: 8:8:10.

Happy holidays everyone!

Advent Triple Threat Match 2014 (17-21)

We’re almost done… last score was 5:6:6½.

Day 17 brings us a sled trailer, a fireplace and an alleged Hoth Command Center which is in fact…


…just another little shooting device. But the Friends fire makes the snow melt quickly – one point for Friends: 5:7:6½.

On day 18, daddy’s colleague arrives, there’s a little table with a reading lamp and a book, and General Rieekan.


While the officers drive away (to where?), the General reads to the children, presumably a pinkified version of the christmas story (which is probably why he doesn’t look too happy about it). For being so kind he receives 1 point: 5:7:7½.

Day 19: A more or less set table, a sofa and a slightly holidayish speeder bike.


While the children test the bounciness of the sofa, mother complains to the Caterer General that the turkey is cold and unhygienically placed directly on the table, so he must take it back. Winners today are the kids who have fun, and the sofa they have fun on: 6:8:7½.

Day 20: Wood and tools, a kitty and an Imperial Shuttle.


The jolly lumberjacks are happily hacking away while neither kitty nor the shuttle really know what to think about each other. 7:8:7½

Day 21: A present and a sock, music, and Anakin’s Y-wing Starfighter.


Dance, girl, here is your chance to prove you can mo-o-o-ove, mo-o-o-ove… A clear victory for Star Wars: 7:8:8½.

Who will win this year? The suspense continues…