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“God is so good to him”

I’ll probably never understand some thoughts of believers. Not just “guardian angels” being thoughtlessly written into news reports, causing “only” serious injuries or high damages in accidents instead of death – when they could just prevent these accidents altogether.

If for instance a man – a former pro wrestler, though that doesn’t really matter here – gets hospitalized unconsciously with a fever of 104 due to multiple infections, and as soon as he’s better, his wife writes on Facebook:

Thank you all for all the prayers. Fred is awake this morning and talking .He is still very weak and sick but will be better in a few days. God is so good to him. […]

Well, I don’t know, but if that God really wanted to show how good he is to him, couldn’t he have stopped the infections a little sooner?

Or maybe that God is angry at the wrestler for having attacked Hulk Hogan, and caused the infections himself – and it’s only because of the doctors that he got better and survives?

Do such believers want to hang on to a “dear God” no matter what? Do they just turn off their reasoning? Anyway, I think doctors and nurses deserve some words of praise in such cases, too…


Thank God It’s Friday? Why? Hadn’t the old Sky Finger Daddy been so lazy but instead created the world in, say, two days, then rested for five days, now that would be something to thank him for.

At least he could have pretended – nobody was there to witness otherwise, anyway. Like, “I made the effort to create everything else in one day, then took a whole day just for you humans.” Then Adam, Eve and her offspring could feel much more guilty! What a chance missed.

I think this is the definite proof that God doesn’t exist. :teufel:


Appropriately for the bunny celebrations – since the bunny and its eggs are obviously adored by many people, you see more bunny and eggs decorations than crossy portrayals of violence – Pabuca’s topic is “religion”.

Religious indoctrination from a young age – popular with church leaders since it would be bad for the number of their sheep if children were not taught absurdities as self-evident and true, but would learn to really think for themselves…

Kinder-Kirche IMG_4715 copy

And if a different variation of absurdities “spreads” – that is if one mosque (this one here currently under construction) “squeezes” itself “along” with the many christian churches to the edge of town –, that of course means the downfall of the occident to some…

Moschee IMG_4791 bw-montage

(purely black-and-white version)

At any rate, churches around here are usually older than mosques – centuries may pass before some inscriptions are made, and that’s already centuries in the past:

Kircheninschrift IMG_4812 copy

(this church in German Wikipedia)