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85276 Pfaffenhofen/Ilm in Germany, that is

Main Square Sports

Next Pabuca topic…

This time, I had to take some photos from the archive – because even though there are quite a few sportive activities in the middle of the town on the main square, these dates don’t obey the Pabuca topic timeline…

Let’s start with an activity during the Bayern-Rundfahrt, a Bavarian bike race which once had a leg start or end in Pfaffenhofen – while the modern cyclists were awaited or seen off on the main area, there were some old bicycles at the side:


Some other time, they filled the area with sand so people can jump up and down and get rid of a ball (which, however, always came back):


And once there was a beer crate rallye (which usually takes place outside of the city center) – the drivers had to move sticks one by one from one crate to the other along a course:



Current Pabuca topic…

For centuries the water has been flowing monotonously over the Arlmühle – on the other hand, this breaks the monotony of the straight flowing water. And when the area will be remodeled soon for our “Small State Garden Show” in 2017, that will be quite un-monotonous…


Monotonous railway line, always the same trains, often the same people – but train rides can also be diversified, and that’s not just due to varying delays and technical defects…


And what may these pigeons do against their monotony…?



After a short break, another post for the Pabuca project, today “inside”.

No matter what the local air sports club currently has inside their club house/workshop, when they are sitting inside their planes, they are quite far outside:

Segelfliegerhaus IMG_6149 copy

Those who had to spend their time inside this old tower could only dream of freedom:

Hungerturm IMG_6151 copy

And finally, this says “Your dream car. (Individual furnishings available inside.)”

Traumwagen IMG_6150 copy