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85276 Pfaffenhofen/Ilm in Germany, that is


Current Pabuca topic, of course…

In the heart of the town at the main square, there’s the town hall – and it’s its surroundings that I’m showing here, ordered west (front), north, east, south (simply ignoring the 3-pictures-rule). But photographed upwards. :)

Rathaus nach oben W IMG_5266

Rathaus nach oben N IMG_5265

Rathaus nach oben O IMG_5264

Rathaus nach oben S IMG_5267


PABUCE topic “Faults”… but whose fault is it anyway?

At the District Office’s construction site, they decided to build a gable at one back corner even though only a normal roof was originally planned and approved – since that casts too much shadow on the opposite house, its owner didn’t like that, and the gable must be removed:


Before – after: What a little landslide can do to a garden…


(This is, by the way, the construction site of the apartment complex where I’m living for two years now. Wasn’t my fault, though.^^)

And a little fault during road markings:



Summertime at Pabuca’s…

Summer – time for outdoor swimming. You got such pools in many towns, but which has such a picturesque clock tower above the main entrance?


Summer – time for the (nearly) annual night flea market, even if that’s mostly taking place during broad daylight (but Munich’s Oktoberfest is mostly in September, too, celebrating just into October):

Nachtflohmarkt IMG_5254

Speaking of the Oktoberfest: Summer – time for building the beer hall. Our Volksfest, by the way, takes place in early/mid September:



Current PABUCA topic. And I’m curious as to how many – accidental or intentional – wrong re-translations we will see in all the photos, given that the German word “Technik” can also be used for technology, engineering, mechanics, workings, equipment. :)

The voluntary fire brigade certainly requires the proper technique, technology, and equipment:


Without a good climbing technique, you probably won’t reach the top of the new exterior climbing wall of our local climbing gym:


We continue in a sportive way: with the new triple gym in the school center. How much of the gymnastics and sports techniques the students will eagerly learn, is another question… as is how the color arrangement was chosen:


Apart / Beyond

Current PABUCA topic…

Here’s the Pfänderturm/Hungerturm (distrain/hunger tower), the last one of the former 17 towers of the town wall – a wall to keep the people on the outside apart from those on the inside:

Hungerturm IMG_5055q

Between two houses there’s not much space for a separation, and even that isn’t complete:

Spalt zwischen Häusern IMG_6198

A passage connecting the main square with the parallel street through the separating houses, usually quite dirty in the northern part – with a bar/club/restaurant in between, left of the bright area with the landscapes:

Passage Atrium IMG_0716a