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Grocery Lubricants

Are you looking for something in our Groceries department? If so, you might be interested in these items. - 8 types of Personal Lubricant

What’s more surprising – Amazon.com apparently offering personal lubricants in the grocery department, or believing someone looking around there might be interested in (multi-packs of) lubricants? I mean, sure, there are, erm, suitably shaped groceries1, but … … …

Admittedly, the top category is “Grocery, Health and Beauty” and the subcategory “Health & Personal Care”, yet it’s an interesting combination Amazon might want to correct a bit. :D

(Why they’re offering this to me? Must be due to some Amazon joke with “customers who bought this also bought that”. Believe it or not…)

  1. reportedly not really suitable for that use, though, so don’t try this at home… []

or Samba do Parede

Two weeks ago I showed a photo of the projection of a blue “No Signal” error message on the house diagonally across – last night there were tests with signal where they tried to find the best beamer position and settings on the wall (Portuguese: parede) of the small storehouse/garage straight across:

signal1 signal2

And it’s indeed a display for the restaurant/bar “Rubens”1 in the courtyard who will have a samba night next Friday.

  1. which probably also hold the rights for the projected images – if you don’t want them here (even though it’s a little promotion), just drop me a line and I’ll remove them []