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After a short break, another post for the Pabuca project, today “inside”.

No matter what the local air sports club currently has inside their club house/workshop, when they are sitting inside their planes, they are quite far outside:

Segelfliegerhaus IMG_6149 copy

Those who had to spend their time inside this old tower could only dream of freedom:

Hungerturm IMG_6151 copy

And finally, this says “Your dream car. (Individual furnishings available inside.)”

Traumwagen IMG_6150 copy


It’s no news that warnings are often exaggerated especially in the USA – but these three together in one block on one article page on Amazon.com?

3x Choking Hazard

Of course you could turn to logic and argue that a toy that is a small ball also contains a small ball (as only content), and a small ball is a small part, too. Unfortunately, this isn’t for a ball at all, but for the “Pirates of the Caribbean” Lego set 4192 Fountain of Youth which, while containing small parts, doesn’t contain a ball at all – unlike some other sets…

(On some other sets, there’s just the “small parts” line, on this one fittingly also the ball, on others, however, all three again.)