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0.06% articles reduced!

Über 50 Artikel reduziert!

It is somewhat funny1 if a large mail-order company like Neckermann is advertising “Over 50 articles reduced!”, isn’t it?

Alright, that of course only applies to the articles that are advertised in the ad letter (with the usual 10€ voucher, of course) – however, it’s still odd, given how many articles they have in total: 85,958 when adding the numbers they give in their categories on their website, maybe plus 6095 chrismas things if they are not also listed in the other categories.

(Of course I should mention that their bargain category contains 14,988 articles, so really not just those few they mentioned in the letter.)

  1. if not to you, then, well, ignore this post ;) []

Pre-order now!.

Sorry for yet another simple web/mail find, but this one just arrived…

Pre-order now!.

Translation: New delivery date – The Adobe CS 4 product family is expected to be available from 10 November 2008. Pre-order now!.

From the newsletter of a software shop on 13 Nov 2008.

Something’s missing here

From the shipping confirmation of a German online shop, Friday evening 9:42pm (my translation):

The shipment is transported with the shipment number by DHL.

Starting the next work day, you can query the current status of your shipment with the address given below on the DHL website or at the DHL telephone number 01802 – 30 22 00 (0.06 EUR per call).


(If an error occurs when executing the link, please copy the complete link into the input field of your browser.)

Shipment number? Link? Erm… :zuck:

The parcel finally arrived on Tuesday. Apparently the quick Friday night shipping didn’t work after all…