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Let there be light

“Light” is Pabuca’s current topic, and with christmas being right around the corner and Pfaffenhofen having such nicely illuminated houses… which began a few years ago as advent calendar, adding one illumination every day, but the next year all houses were illuminated from the start.

Not as boring as two weeks ago, isn’t it? :)



Alright, sometimes it becomes a liiiiitle bit kitschy…


Advent Handicraft

Don’t worry, my blog won’t become a handicraft blog. ;) Since many people decorate their windows before and during the holiday season, I made something for my window, too: a Flying Spaghetti Monster – the true God who created the universe (after drinking heavily), including the divine pirates, the original Pastafarians (→ official website):

my FSM


my FSM

Made with two wooden balls (about 6 cm) with a hole through the middle through which I put five pipe-cleaners (50 cm) each – in light brown because the shop had no lighter color (well, so there’s some rye in the spaghetti dough^^) – and twisted them and nine more all over the place, and wrapped dark brown cloth around the balls. Then two styrofoam balls cut off on one side, glued the eyes onto them and stuck them on the eyestalks. Done.

Detail of an eye, and at the window:

my FSM: eye detail my FSM in the window

May His Noodly Appendages touch you!