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Fooling around

For starters, there’s the statistics function of the new Akismet1 version – others already reported abot it, showing quite different graphs –, which gives this image for my blog (as of this morning):


Secondly, here’s the “DNA” of my blog, or rather its HTML structure displayed like DNA profiles, seen at Knut, Thomas and Hans, created with Web2DNA:


And number 3: With the new version of the Glühweinjunkies’ Search Phrases plugin that stores the target post along with the search phrase I added this function for the curious among you to the “fine print” below each post – with a link to unfold it, in order to save space. It’s only present when there actually are search queries, though, so you won’t see it at every post. If you’d like an example: one of my “lotto prediction” posts.

  1. the plugin agains comment spam that probaly every WordPress user knows []