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The Winged Sun

Sonne durch halbrundes Plissee

Light rings as proposal of marriage?
An attacking (and, for once, glowing) Shadow space ship?
A sun angel as guide into the 729th dimension?
An angel disguising as space ship?
A space ship hiding behind light rings?
Gravitational lensing from a black hole just generated by the LHC?
Another crack in the skin of the universe?
A revelation from the Akashic records about the trace of the true name of the Sun as danced eurythmically by the sun inhabitants, which shows the holistically optimal movements of shaking homeopathic remedies?

Or an effect caused by my circular window blind? No way, that’d be much too banal! :P

…and sometimes white

Or: How a Single Serving Site (info) can fail. :)

You know, there are a few simple sites that, for instance, just give a brief answer (“No”) to questions like “Should I use tables for layout?” or “Is it Christmas?” and nothing more – my little Ü toy may already be too elaborate –, but even then it can happen that the site operator misses a case:

A page that claims to be sometimes red and sometimes blue, aptly named sometimesredsometimesblue.com, remains white if you access it with JavaScript turned off – that’s worthy of a little FAIL, I think, so:

FAIL. :bigsmile:

(via Apfelknacker)