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Videos of the Week (2008/32)

Four videos this week…

Lightning in super-slowmotion (via Wissen belastet):

More of these here.

A lone swimmer at the Sydney Olympics… (via mlogger)

The mystic solution for computer problems! ;) (via Bad Astronomy)

Rhabarberbarberabarbarbier… oder something like that. :rotfl: (via Resistance Is Futile) – yes, German, but give it a try!

The News

Alternative medicine does not help

Not even the finally arrested Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadžić:

“Until he was tracked down and arrested by Serbian special forces last night, Dr Karadzic was working as an alternative medicine specialist in a clinic in the suburb of New Belgrade using the false name of Dr Dragan Dabic.”
(Times Online)

Porn spammers can continue

After a court has dismissed the lawsuit by lesb–, erm, residents of Lesbos against all lesbians (that is, gay women) calling themselves lesbians, porn spammers – no matter if they spam via e-mail or blog comments – can continue their profession without fear of lawsuits from Lesbos for using this word.

None of the porn spammers could be reached for comment.

The search word poem

:hammer: Appropriately(?) for the 555th post on this blog, here’s a “poem” consisting of the words that were most frequently used in search requests leading people here in the past 16 days, sorted strictly in descending order by their frequency of occurence – I only added line breaks and punctuation marks:

You I to the—
And me
My, your a see!
In it for love
Want song, so
About baby, know
That what lotto be do

Make all can on
I’m is no come
Don’t hello ohne heart
Just like but got
If up never been
Dont take without one time
Say with i’ve Höschen

When we tell im long
Get have—
Will now give this
Girls break,
Are searching truth.
Most way go quotes
Difference gonna, honey,
Falling more

Youtube common
Tags genibus its feel…
Down roof,
Cup out nitito.
Wanna let
Good life!