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Ruler of Discworld

Well, pro forma, the patricians – such as Fellmonsterchen – may be ruling Discworld, but the true power is, of course, in the hand of the Watchmen. So what does it tell us that I’m a Discworld Watchman according to this German personality test?1

Scheibenwelt-Test: Wache

And since Scheibenwelt.de lists the results so far next, I quickly made a clear pie chart – as you can easily see, us Watchmen hold the majority (ha!) ahead of Seamstresses and Undead:

Scheibenwelt-Test: Prozent
cowards, wizards, seamstresses, patricians, witches, assasins, dwarfs, trolls, watchmen, undead, librarians

  1. I’m leaving it to the readers to find the answer. []

Yippee-ki-yay, Santa Claus!

Which Christmas type am I? The (German) test I found on the FamLog says:

Zum Weihnachts-Test bei der Film-Community moviepilotZu moviepilot - Gute Filme für Kino, DVD & TV

I am John McClane from “Die hard”.
I love family Christmas and wipe out everything that gets in my way. I fight to the blood for the last Barbie doll for my daughter, and hunt the Christmas goose with the bazooka. Christmas never gets boring with me! (And who are you?)

Surprisingly, the “Die hard” movies are not shown on TV during Christmas this year1 – now what happened there??

  1. except for part 4 on pay TV []

Testing, Testing…

I’m combining a few “personality tests” in this post:

First, the test for the “Wall-E” movie – probably I’m one of the last German bloggers to take it… sorry, it’s German only:

Wall-E-Test: Du bist EVE. Du bist neugierig, stets darauf aus, Neues zu entdecken. Du bist pflichtbewusst, aber kritisch und kannst dich durchsetzen. Für Freunde gehst du durchs Feuer und hast vor fast nichts Angst.

What Gender Is Your Brain? (this one’s in Englisch; via Tshalina.)1

Your Brain is 27% Female, 73% Male
You have a total boy brain.
Logical and detailed, you tend to look at the facts.
And while your emotions do sway you sometimes…
You never like to get feelings too involved.

And also via Tshalina these tests from Fit for fun (German; I didn’t translate the full result texts):

Liebesbarometer: Wie gut sind Sie im Bett? = Love barometer: How good are you in bed?

27 % The experts
73 % The epicures

Der Erotik-Test: Welcher Sex-Typ bin ich? = The erotics test: Which sex type am I?

40 % The pasha
30 % The forward
20 % The dreamer
10 % The gentleman

How accurate these results are, well, let’s leave aside that question…

And you? :mrgreen:

  1. I’ve taken the liberty to write the text directly, without the table and the brain drawing that’s the same for all results. []

Manga, 70% straight – or something like that…

On the Blogwiese (German) there are already a great many manga avatar images, I really had to join in:


Created with FaceYourManga.

And while we’re already playing around, we’ll also take the “Gay-O-Meter” test of Channel 4, who apparently consider a 5 pixel high text sufficiently readable:
…and find out that, like Nadine and Nerdcore where I found that, I’m also 30% gay:
30% gay