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Not the blog, but myself – in two stages in the next two weeks, mostly due to lack of space. So it will be even more quiet in this blog for a while.

packing cases

(And I’m using the opportunity for another photo for Projekt 52, specifically “DIY”, one of June’s topics. Though I don’t think the penguin will be much help filling all these boxes…)

Songs of the Day

First, here’s “1999” by Prince because this is the 1999th post in my blog (including many German-only posts, that is):


But don’t worry, “two thousand zero zero, party over” won’t apply to my blog. :mrgreen:


And like the first song where I use a date for something else, I’m not using the second song to refer to the mentioned year (in more than one century, in this case) – but in this case to the age I’ve reached today: “’39” by Queen in a 1979 live version:


The first post in my blog – just a “hello world” – is from 6 Sep 2006 9:05:43am, hence my blog is now – on 10:43:28pm – exactly 1234.56789 days old. Just thought I’d mention it, there’s no big celebration. :)

What, you do want a little more? Alright, here’s a poem generated with Poetron in German, then translated by Google (plus one little correction) and some virtual champagne:

Blogging the blogs
Blogs must be dreaming.
You dream old and broken.
You grab silly and pure.
Oh Blogger, you’re old too!
What probably grab, blogging what?
The moods!
Grabbing blogs!
Old blogs dream
old and clean.

redhead model cheering isolated on white


Photo: Gleb Semenjuk – Fotolia.com


rennhund A little internal note: A few hours ago, I activated WP Super Cache, a plugin that caches the generated pages for some time – for the general audience even as pure HTML files so not even the PHP engine needs to start – thus reducing server load. Basically, you should notice no difference except that those pages that were accessed in the recent past are faster. Those who have written a comment (and got a cookie from that) won’t be served the “super cache” HTML.

The display of the recent comments in the sidebar may be not always up to date for non-commenters on cached pages, but I guess that’s not that much of a problem.

Moreover, DB Cache Reloaded has been running for the past few days, caching single database queries – which has the advantage that accessing other pages that have not been accessed recently also profit from this cache. However I noticed that the first access to admin pages and the first writing of a comment take a relatively long time – probably because DBCR then scans and flushes the numerous old cache files; seems this garbage collection isn’t that great yet…

Well, if you notice something wrong, please tell me. :)

Photo: TisseurDeToile/flickr, CC-Lizenz