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Publishing your phone number (2)

old telephone Seems people think that I’m not just a spiritual healing teacher, but also a travel organization… anyway, there was a phone call this morning – since I couldn’t take it at that time, I wanted the answering machine to take it; however that didn’t record it so I only was able to hear parts of it (thanks to speakerphone) – in which a lady referred to my comment on a free vacation from a TV magazine (where only 3 out of 255 dates were actually free).

Actually, she didn’t refer to my comment, but simply to the fact that it’s got the headline “Free VIP vacation”, since she was asking something like whether I were in charge of that, etc., she’d like to travel from the Köln-Bonn airport…

…then the connection was cut – though probably not because the lady noticed she’s at the wrong address; I rather think the answering machins’s to blame (gotta look into that), since she then wrote a mail stating that she’d won a free VIP vacation and wanted to know the total costs with all extra fees for a specific date. And after I had answered that mail, she called again and explained everything (and also apologized).

The fact that she, being (probably) Italian, don’t speak perfect German is, however, in my opinion no reason to assume that, given my post headline, I were such a travel organization – no, exactly that organization from which she won the vacation, from which she actually got a phone number, but that was such an expensive one, she said –, and directly clicks her way to my contact page without reading any of the text beneath the headline. I hope she understands it now, but I’m not completely sure…

I’m really wondering how people like her even manage to learn about such a vacation if they obviously don’t read what they got in front of them.

Comment Statistics

Konna published his comment statistics and thoughts (German) on Thursday – and I thought I could present a few numbers, too.

Now my blog can’t keep up with his regarding the number of comments1, but anyway: There are 3723 entries stored in the comment database that are not spam – including

  • 2039 real visitor comments (including 46 anonymous2),
  • 435 trackbacks/pingbacks,
  • that’s a total of 2474;
  • 1249 comments by me.

Like Konna, I’ll now look at the distribution between men (“Männer” in the graphics) and women (“Frauen”) who gave at least five comments – left: commentators, right: comments:


37 men (64.9%) wrote 995 comments (60.9%), that’s an average of 26.9. And 20 women (35.1%) wrote a total of 640 comments (39.1%), average 32.

We see: More men wrote more comments in total, but each woman wrote more than each man.

The Top 10:


Funny that Konna is here at position 6 just as I am at his. :P

In total, there were 78.4 comments per month (or 95.2 if I include trackbacks like Konna did) and 2.6 (or 3.1) per day – however, there wasn’t much going on in the first three quarters (including posts). So there were 1920 comments (94.2%!) in the past 12 months (160.0 per month, 5.2 per day; or 2289 incl. trackbacks, 190.8/month, 6.3/day) – and only 119 in the 14 months before that!

A great “commentator magnet” is, of course, my music quiz – if I ignore its 35 posts, there are only 1393 comments (without trackbacks) since the start of my blog, i.e. 53.6 per month and 1.8 per day, or 1274 in the past 12 months, i.e. 106.2 per month and 3.5 per day. (And since there are noticebly more men than woman, this explains the entire men/woman distribution.)

Still better than the average of all blogs registered at Blogoscoop – which is below 1 comment per day including those from the blog’s owners –, but there’s still room for improvement – so get writing! :)


For those who are interested: Show the SQL queries used here. ▼

  1. but then, my pie charts are prettier ;) []
  2. since I don’t require name and/or email when commenting []

Spiritual healing and publishing your phone number

spiritual phone Now is it bad giving your phone number on your blog – not regarding possible legal reasons to do so (which is a bit, well, odd in Germany)? Well, I would miss calls like the one this afternoon – which, on the other hand, I somehowcould do without, too.

A woman who reached my opinion on “Top-level spiritual healing” probably with the search phrase (translated) “do you have to say something specific for spiritual healing ?” called me because she, being a beginner, was interested in an introduction to spiritual healing (she’d even pay for it…) and wasn’t sure how that stuff works and if there’s anything to it at all. She apparently assumed I’d offer such services and clicked on my contact details right away without reading my post! 8O

Well, at the least this way I could inform her about what that post was there for – to be read, that is –, and direct her to the link tip, the German GWUP page about paramedicine. Maybe, hopefully, she now refrains from her spiritual healing intentions…

Speaking of blog-related phone calls: I would have missed a praising call for (if I remember correctly) “Healing with barcodes”, too. :mrgreen:

Photo (without phone): Stas Perov – Fotolia.com

Fooling around

For starters, there’s the statistics function of the new Akismet1 version – others already reported abot it, showing quite different graphs –, which gives this image for my blog (as of this morning):


Secondly, here’s the “DNA” of my blog, or rather its HTML structure displayed like DNA profiles, seen at Knut, Thomas and Hans, created with Web2DNA:


And number 3: With the new version of the Glühweinjunkies’ Search Phrases plugin that stores the target post along with the search phrase I added this function for the curious among you to the “fine print” below each post – with a link to unfold it, in order to save space. It’s only present when there actually are search queries, though, so you won’t see it at every post. If you’d like an example: one of my “lotto prediction” posts.

  1. the plugin agains comment spam that probaly every WordPress user knows []