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The next photo for Project “Show Colors”:

7: Magenta

7: Magenta

A cordless ISDN phone with a Deutsche Telekom special functions key that I never used, even when the Telekom was responsible for more than just the bare wire – but guess which key a neighbor who once locked herself out of her apartment and asked me if she could call her daughter who had a key pressed to make the connection after dialing…?

Links of the Week (2009/01)

Well, everything’s German this time…

Rather not

Up to date

Translation: This could also be interesting for you: 18 June 2004: Siemens: Top-class cell phones

Found at the end of a list of the new cell phones of November 2008 at Focus Online – I don’t think this (automatic) hint is really interesting for anyone…

Publishing your phone number (2)

old telephone Seems people think that I’m not just a spiritual healing teacher, but also a travel organization… anyway, there was a phone call this morning – since I couldn’t take it at that time, I wanted the answering machine to take it; however that didn’t record it so I only was able to hear parts of it (thanks to speakerphone) – in which a lady referred to my comment on a free vacation from a TV magazine (where only 3 out of 255 dates were actually free).

Actually, she didn’t refer to my comment, but simply to the fact that it’s got the headline “Free VIP vacation”, since she was asking something like whether I were in charge of that, etc., she’d like to travel from the Köln-Bonn airport…

…then the connection was cut – though probably not because the lady noticed she’s at the wrong address; I rather think the answering machins’s to blame (gotta look into that), since she then wrote a mail stating that she’d won a free VIP vacation and wanted to know the total costs with all extra fees for a specific date. And after I had answered that mail, she called again and explained everything (and also apologized).

The fact that she, being (probably) Italian, don’t speak perfect German is, however, in my opinion no reason to assume that, given my post headline, I were such a travel organization – no, exactly that organization from which she won the vacation, from which she actually got a phone number, but that was such an expensive one, she said –, and directly clicks her way to my contact page without reading any of the text beneath the headline. I hope she understands it now, but I’m not completely sure…

I’m really wondering how people like her even manage to learn about such a vacation if they obviously don’t read what they got in front of them.