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Show Colors

Videos of the Week (2010/17)

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  • Arguably the song of the week – Tim Minchin’s Pope Song (NSFW). Here in a subtitled version; see the Skepchicks (via) for full lyrics below the video.

And if you’re upset about how the pope’s treated here, you better listen to the lyrics more closely…


  • What? Contradictions in the bible? Is this possible?^^ See this cartoon quiz show (via Pharyngula):

Projekt 52/20: Music / Silver

Another “crossover” of Project “Show Colors” and Sari’s Projekt 52, and the picture also (almost) fits my series about Queen B-sides and album songs because the song I’m referring to is from the album Hot Space from 1982 – released on 21 or 24. May, depending on where you look1; it was on the B-side of the “Body Language” single from 19/4/82, however – and there’ll be another special song I’ll write about a little later:

20: Music

Projekt 52/20: Music / Show Colors 21: Silver

A silver CD isn’t that far-fetched here… this arrangement was created along the following lines (especially the first one) from “Life Is Real (Song for Lennon)” by Queen:

Music will be my mistress
Loving like a whore
Lennon is a genius
Living in ev’ry pore

  1. Monday 24 being more plausible []