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Links of the Week (2012/43)

Projekt 52: Memories/Remembrance

One of May’s topics of Projekt 52:

20: Memories/Remembrance

Projekt 52 May: Memories/Remembrance

It may be a bit controversial whether happy souvenir photos like from these guys or children running around are befitting a memorial like Berlin’s Holocaust Memorial, but since these concrete stelae are rather abstract and not on historic grounds anyway and apparently well integreted into city life, I wouldn’t take it too seriously. After all, it’s still better than ignoring it completely…

Projekt 52/36: Like a Fairy-Tale

Another photo for Projekt 52.

36 Fairy-Tale

Projekt 52 Topic 36: “Märchenhaft” = like a fairy-tale, but if split “Märchen-Haft”, we get fairy-tale arrest…

The penguin as a prison warden watching over a cell with arrested fairy-tales, symbolized by their cross and a picture of their antidemocratic regent against whom an International Criminal Court complaint has been filed for crimes against humanity, specifically for “tolerating and enabling the systematic and widespread concealing of rape and child sex crimes throughout the world.”

Just wondering if that will have any consequences…