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Links of the Week (2012/43)

Shaping your life with the Numerology Oracle…

1-22 Crabwise via baton/fun with numbers via Pegasus’ Traum I encountered something terrific which I modified to make it easier to operate, yet give it a much deeper meaning and analysis and changed it in my very special way:

Learn everything about yourself with numerology !!!
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Enter your name to have it kabbalistic-numerolie^H^Hogically analyzed with the infallible knowledge of the pre-ancient geniuses, combined with super-ultra-modern computer technology – but you can also leave the input field empty, then state-of-the-art new-scientific mathematicianmuddrag methods of space energy research will be used to determine your meaningfull number fully automatically! You just have to sit still and concentrate!

Name (optional):

Global Scaling Event… or Someone speak Turkish?

I’m looking for information about the so-called “Global Scaling Event of the year” that took place on 1 Dec in Berlin, alledgedly presenting a new invention for secure data transmission (GSPIN) – and about which there’s hardly anything to find. (Which doesn’t have to be bad, actually…) The general Głobal Scaling site still shows the announcement; the dubious company’s site on morint.com = GSDI Cyprus Ltd. reports in the News from 6 Dec (German; the beginning seems to have been lost somehow) the following (my translation):

“The over 300 participants positively felt the crackling excitement when they witnessed the experiment. On a big screen, everybody could see that in Berlin and Nicosia the same security code was generated.”

I, personally, think that you can project a lot onto a screen… As long as it hasn’t been reliably verified and approved by independent scientists that indeed this technology created these codes as has been claimed, I got my doubts. And I think folks who offer a lotto prognosis deserve no trust in advance whatsoever, anyway.

Other than that, Google finds with GSPIN Berlin and GSDI Cyprus Berlin – thanks to the company’s location and aforementioned partcipation in Northern Cyprus – only several Turkish reports, e.g. Kibris Gazetesı, Mercek TV, TurkEkip, who look as like as two peas in a pod, which leads to the suspicion that they are just press releases from the GSDI company (from 1 Dec) which, of course, praise their own technology to the skies. (Another, not identical article: BRT.)

Since neither Google nor Altavista can translate Türkisch, and the attempt to translate word by word with online dictionaries is both cumbersome and error-prone as well as seems to confirm the praise to the skies, I’m asking, as the title shows, if you know Turkish and can have a look at the links above and tell me (in the comments here) what exactly they say – if it’s more than the typical press release blah-blah… (you don’t need to make a full translation, of course :mrgreen: ).

And does anyone maybe know actual eye-witness reports, preferrably critical ones?

Update 3.2.2010: » Ermittlungen gegen zyprische Global-Scaling-Vermarkter

Lotto prognosis from Global Scaling still bad

And who’s surprised now? Nobody? Good. :mrgreen:

This article only deals with one specific method of pretended lotto prognoses. » Click here for all my articles about lotto

As an update to my long article “Predicting Lotto Numbers??”, in which I have analyzed the pretended lotto prognosis from Globalscaling.de, reaching the conclusion that they, in short, are no good – they effectively only tell you: “don’t play the same tip row twice” – here now the hit trend with the 15 drawings that were performed in the mean time:

Global Scaling hit trend Nov.2007

Only the darkest graph – the exact hits – would really be relevant to single lotto players, and the next curve (with the maximum differences of ±1 that they like to stress so window-dressingly) to large tip communities who play over 50,000 lotto tips per drawing – if only the “prognosis” were a real prognosis and superior to a simple random function that cares about the distances, which it is not, as we know.

And I like to repeat: The lotto balls have no memory, the chances for 6 correct numbers are the same for each drawing, 1 : 13,983,816 per tip (and for the main prize, the “super number”, the last number of the playing form, must match, too). Beyond statistics, a specific lotto number prognosis is impossible according to all respectable, accepted and verified mathematical knowledge, anyway.

If someone says I have no clue of playing lotto again, please be more detailed and give reasons…

By the way, the complete archive of German lotto drawings can be downloaded e.g. from Lotto Bayern (next to the numbers: “mehr” – link at bottom of the page).

Furthermore, does anyone attend the “Global Scaling Event of the year: December 1st Kosmos Berlin”, as globalscaling.de headlines, with the “presentation of the GS PIN technology of Global Scaling Data Security in online banking”, for which, as I wrote a month ago, hazard investors are wanted as before for a “G-Com technology” which had made the FINANZtest magazine (1/2004) issue a warning (German)?

Personally, I’d be surprised if you’d see – for the steep entrance fee of 69 € which certainly doesn’t include 7-course 5-star catering – some scientifically verifiably real and working technology there…

Update: Please also note the (German) links in “kritikus”' comment

Update 13 Dec: That oh so great “event of the year” mentioned above can’t have been that great if you can’t find anything about it, not even on the Global Scaling homepage (or does anyone know more?), can it? At least that’s how it seems to me… :mrgreen:

Update 18 Dec: » Continued here with info or rather the question about more about this GSPIN event from 1 Dec 07.

No more lotto prognosis? [Update]

This article only deals with one specific method of pretended lotto prognoses (and more from that company). » Click here for all my articles about lotto

lotto ticket and pen - photo from lotto-bw.de The original version of this article was from October 11, but since a lot has changed, I also updated the date. I had written:

Y’know, it’s kinda funny, on Monday I publish an extensive article about the pretended lotto prognosis from globalscaling.de = raum-energie-forschung.de, and sometime in the last few days they didn’t just make their start page a little prettier (less cramped) – the lotto prognosis has disappeared from the start page and the title navigation bar!


Well, got my hopes up too soon. In the mean time, two red “News” bars were added to the homepage, one of which links to the “new” lotto prognosis homepage (which is only the already known customer area) – maybe their customers complained they didn’t find that stuff anymore…


So this no longer applies either:

Maybe they wanted to give their branch of science(?) a more respectable paintwork by painting over what must be appearing as quite dubious a stain even to relative laymen…

Update 20 Nov 07: Updated prognosis analysis.

I’ve also been informed about something else (thanks again!): A company called “GSDI Cyprus Ltd.”, apparently with the participation of or at least referrence to “Global Scaling” founder Dr. Hartmut Müller, was searching investors a few years ago for a new kind of data transmission, tempting them with high “patent yields”, what also made FINANZtest (1/2004) publish a warning (see e.g. Anlageschutzarchiv (German)).


As it seems, nothing has come of it – except for a new “technology” for data encryption for online banking called “GSPIN”, still with participation of “GSDI Cyprus Ltd.” and the “Yesilada Bank” (both in North Cyprus), though now mainly on www.morint.com instead of www.gsdi-cyprus.com, and they’d like investors now, too, of course.


You may make your own thoughts about the trustworthiness of that whole “Global Scaling” construct…