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Searching for lotto

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Schornsteinfeger Welcome to a special edition of “replying” to search queries about lotto and nonsense… I’m here to tell you the truth ..no matter how bad it is!

For those who don’t know yet: These search phrases, highlighted in grey, led people here, and I neither shortened nor extended them nor made them up, I just translated the German ones.

ritual predicting lotto numbers
Yeah, you could call it a ritual that hundreds of people search for lotto predictions when the jackpot gets high…

give me luck for tomorrow lotto numbers 6/49
Won’t help you, that doesn’t influence the drawing.

can someone tell me the correct lotto numbers — 3 minutes later:
can someone tell me the correct lotto numbers yes
No problem – anyone can do that after the drawing.

possible lotto numbers for saturday
1 2 3 4 5 6 – these are (a) possible and (b) just as likely to be drawn as any other combination.

how many balls are in the lotto drum
5645 of course, or what did you think??

smallest number in loto drawing

calculate numerology for free
» Here – not just for free, but free of any use!

why not to have a child in 2009 according to nummerology
As Fellmonsterchen wrote for horoscopes recently, the same applies to numerology (my translation):

Sorry, but if you believe in horoscopes, then I don’t want that much that you pass on your genes. That was brutal now, I know. But it’s right!

(Though superstitions like these are probably less genetically determined – but parents usually educate their children, of course.)

Pluto-Saturn Homeopathy
Homeopathy doesn’t become more sensible if you also dilute planets.

divining pet illnesses
Forget that bullshit and take your pet to a real vet if you love your pet!

moon calendar depilation pdf
PDFs got no hair.

moon calendar good days for window cleaning
Oh, only in 20 years, I think.

pictures of how the moon looks in the next 30 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Won’t!! look!! that!! much!! different!!!!!!!!!!!

if there’s’a god up there i hope he helps me
Bad luck, pal – but what was your imaginary friend supposed to help you with?

what does it mean if you call God in your dream and after you see a ligth in the sky
I can answer such a simple question myself: That means you’re dreaming.

books from Amazon healing with angels.
Firstly Amazon got their own search, and secondly no-one needs books to use the placebo effect.

fortunetellers who can predict lotto numbers
Fortunetellers can do that just as well as any other person who doesn’t have this possibly self-, in any case deceiving profession of “fortuneteller”.

how can I predict lotto numbers
Doesn’t any lotto player do that with his tips, if you will? At any rate, there’s no better method.

horoscope with lotto numbers
“You might eventually probably be in for some money this year. Play these numbers: 1 2 3 4 5 6.”

who wins lotto more often? men or women
That’s a question that maybe nobody ever thought about – because it’s actually not much useful to do so…

funny horoscope texts
Mine are here, as you already found, but basically you can take any horoscope to laugh at.

how runs dannys fork trick at urigella?
At whom? And why are you searching with this bad English via Google Germany?

the 52 lost prophecies of Nostradamus
Just make up some of your own, won’t be any less meaningful.

what do German scientists say about 2012
Real scientists (worldwide) all say that all this end-of-the-world, rise-of-consciousness and similar crap is crap.

lucky numbers from the universe
0 – for if you believe in these kind of things, you are a 0.

:bye: Bye, that’s it for today before it gets even more silly – and remember: You’ve Got to Ride Life’s Golden Railroad, even if you don’t hit the lotto jackpot.

Looks bad

Yesterday I wrote about the ad “Play Lotto – Lotto is safer than stock exchange!!!” by a local lotto ticket retailer – and the result: Total loss, only one correct number each in two fields, and you don’t get anything for that. Now that doesn’t look good for the stocks… ;)

Safer than the Stock Exchange!

Thanks a lot to the book store/office supplies/lotto retailer Pesch for this investment tip!

Spielt Lotto - Lotto ist sicherer als die Börse!!!

Translation: “Play Lotto – Lotto is safer than the stock exchange!!!”

I immediately followed that recommendation and invested all the money I had left thanks to this financial crisis into four lotto tips. I’ll report tomorrow night after the drawing what the result is. Keep your fingers crossed for me, throw salt over the shoulder, knock on wood, whatever brings luck! ;)

Note: From a legal point of view, this is no investment advice, you’re responsible for your money yourself. Or what was that standard phrase again…?