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Lego Simpsons Monorail

With the somewhat iconic status of both the Lego monorail among Lego fans and the Simpsons monorail among Simpsons fans (and the current monorail event in the Tapped Out game), I thought I build one:

Simpsons Monorail 1

Simpsons Monorail 3

For comparison, the looks of the Simpsons monorail (show and game):

Simpsons Monorails from show and game

I also attempted a rough recreation of the game’s splash screen:

Simpsons Monorail Finger

As usual, see 1000steine.de (German), Eurobricks (English) and the Flickr album for more.

Things with Numbers

And another Pabuca topic…

That’s the other end of last week’s train. More specifically, it’s RE 4026 on railway route 900 on 18 Jan 20151 with the engine no. 101 050-3 currently advertising 50 years “jugend forscht” (youth research). Scheduled from Munich at 14:01, arrival in Nuremberg at 15:48 with 7 stops in between. Enough numbers? :)


I suppose when these containers are standing on the recycling yard and not somewhere in residential areas, the numbers – only use on workdays between 7.00 and 19.00 – aren’t meant that strict because the yard opens on some days until 20.00…


For whatever reason someone stuck this (girl?) shoe on the railing, shoes always have a number connected to them: their size.


  1. ca. 14:28, even though the EXIF data claims differently… []


Whether it’s grey or gray to you, it’s still the current Pabuca topic. But don’t be afraid of dull greys – that’s what this bridge at the local train station says:


Speaking of train station: Sometimes, trains seem to be going into the grey nowhere…


This old house combines so many shades of grey, a little color around it can’t be wrong:



What else could it be than another Pabuca topic?

Now a small town like Pfaffenhofen doesn’t have that impressive bridges, so we’re starting small here – with a little thing to an auxiliary platform that was1 necessary because of construction works further south on this track:


Across the little river Ilm, there once was a makeshift pedestrian bridge which should be used only one person at a time:


Nearby, by the way, a bridge was once torn down with spears! Well, at least a sign said so, misspelling “gesperrt” (closed, barred) as “gespeert” (speared). :)

We can do a bit bigger (and more durable), too – this bridge is part of the school center:


  1. yes, these are photos from the archive… []