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More servers for Deutsche Bahn!

At least 31% more, what the hell, at least 3x more servers for Deutsche Bahn (German Railways)! That’s my demand, and I’m gonna go on strike for that now! Anyone wants to join?

Those who are currently looking for backup schedules on bahn.de must be very lucky to get at least the page’s title after an hour… and that when I want to go by train tomorrow.

The long-distance schedule, at least, is also available at N24.de (left hand side, “Mehr zum Thema”), but which short-distance trains will run and which won’t? Who wants to get to the station in time for one of the 50% of trains that will be cancelled, and with having to change trains later, too?


Update: Kinda funny, just after I had written that, the servers are reacting quite almost quickly again…

Regardless: :motz:


So it is possible! At least sometimes.

Yesterday on the ICE train between Würzburg and Ingolstadt (all translations by me): “[…] Our train is currently 9 minutes late. [… connections …] We apologize” – without “thank you for your understanding.” Apparently not all of them are as arrogant and resistant to learning. (If Tchibo is doing that better by now, too?)


(And most of that delay was regained: the +9 became +1 in Ingolstadt, so I could easily catch my RE connection.)

Alas, only sometimes:

On the outbound journey on Friday, the ICE stopped right after Nürnberg due to construction work: two short announcements “…delayed by … minutes. We thank you for your understanding.” Later, longer announcements “[…] currently … minutes delayed. We apologize. […connections…] We thank you for your understanding.”


If one of the conductors/attendants had shown up in my compartment, I had notified him/her of this “unfortunate choice of words” – no-one came, though. Needless to say that the final +15 got me a stay of nearly two hours in Würzburg. Well, Würzburg is a nice town, as well…

Happy Birthday Mail from German Railways

[no, not just today, was some time ago]

Dear Deutsche Bahn, thanks for the “happy birthday” mail – I would have enjoyed it much more, however, if it didn’t start with an astrology sentence and the linked Flash animation didn’t essentially contain a year horoscope – I can do without such a lying, unscientific rubbish very well…

Edit 6 May/13 May 07:
I had mailed that at the same day to bahn.bonus, too – except for a standard text block reply (with name, though) at late evening (Sunday 22:48!), no specific answer has arrived yet. And if I am reading this sentence correctly [my translation]:

We will enjoy to make your constructive remarks and suggestions available to the responsible depatment of our enterprise. We are happy if you keep supporting us and thank you for your commitment.

then my mail is already in /dev/null, the virtual trash can…