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Good preparation is important!

…or: Same procedure as every year…

Months of preparation for the new train schedule that’s now in effect since Sunday – am I asking too much if I’d like up-to-date information in the station (like here in Munich) by Monday?

bahn1 bahn2
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But experience tells it’s rather a matter of weeks than of days…

The Cosmos was Rocking in Munich

Cosmos Rocks cover Last night the rest of Queen with Paul Rodgers were in the Olympiahalle in Munich as part of their “The Cosmos Rocks” tour – and a couple of fans including myself were there, too,1 and they were in for a great rock concert in which a few old men could show that they still got what it takes.

The stage, by the way, contained a nice video wall showing some animations as well as Freddie Mercury who thus sung Bijou and Bohemian Rhapsody, a smal stage (almost) in the middle of the arena, Oktoberfest hats and accordion for 39, and the guys really seemed to enjoy singing and playing – and (which some folks were searching for here) without support group, the Queen rest + Paul Rodgers (plus Spike Edney, Jamie Moses and Danny Miranda) managed it on their own to rock from approx. 20:15 to 22:30.

Set list (hopefully without mistakes, but no guarantee):

Surf’s Up… School’s Out! (from the new album)
Tie Your Mother Down
Fat Bottom Girls
Another One Bites The Dust
I Want It All
I Want To Break Free
C-lebrity (from the new album)
Seagull (Paul solo; song by Bad Company)
Love Of My Life (Brian + audience)
39 (acoustic, with Oktoberfest hats…)
Drum solo (Roger, starting with some bass percussion (or whatever you may call it: playing with drumsticks on a contrabass), then on a drum set that was extended one part after another, on the front stage)
I’m In Love With My Car (Roger sings)
A Kind Of Magic (Roger sings)
Say It’s Not True (first Roger, then Brian, then Paul came back)
Bad Company (song by Bad Company (duh))
Feel Like Makin’ Love (song by Bad Company)
Guitar solo
Bijou (with Freddie shown on screen, singing)
Last Horizon
Radio Ga Ga
Crazy Little Thing Called Love
The Show Must Go On
Bohemian Rhapsody (with Freddie shown on screen, singing)
Cosmos Rockin’ (from the new album; start of the encore, as planned, of course)
All Right Now (song by Free)
We Will Rock You
We Are The Champions
God Save The Queen


Image (album cover) from queenonline.com.

  1. according to Rockantenne, it was one of the two fastest sold-out concerts this year []

Funiculì, Funiculà

Funicular Territet-Glion

From nature to technology – to the funicular Territet–Glion (about 300m above the lake). (The Italian title is from the song about the opening of such a train on Mount Vesuvius, see Wikipedia.)

One of the cars and a look at the mechanism:

Funicular Territet-Glion Funicular Territet-Glion

On the ride down a look through the window (in which my bright t-shirt is reflected) shortly before passing the other car going up; and a bridge along the way (photographed through the opening of a small horizontally pivoted window at the top):

Funicular Territet-Glion Funicular Territet-Glion

One view from the very top and two from the very bottom:

Funicular Territet-Glion Funicular Territet-Glion Funicular Territet-Glion

An old car still to be seen in the lower station (already partly visible on the previous photo):

Funicular Territet-Glion

And speaking of railroad vehicles, let’s turn quickly to the Glion station of the cog railroad from Montreux to the Rochers de Naye (the Mountain behind Montreux), right next to the funicular station:

Glion station Glion station
Glion station

And further below where it passes a bridge at the top edge of Montreux:

cog railway Montreux cog railway Montreux

Speaking of the Rochers de Naye: One current photo from lakeside and one from four years ago when I was up there:

Rochers de Naye Rochers de Naye

A hard choice and an error

Before we start with the photos, two web finds from my Montreux trip:

train schedule bookmark


Dear customer, [male and female]
Thank you!
Your team of www.bahn.de
All information without guarantee

Note to self: There’s no use bookmarking the train schedule information that can be reached from the travel information/booking site because they produce this informative error message (with page title “error”) later on.

bahn.de Sep 2008

choose your internet access


Please make your choice:
24h unlimited access to entertainment and internet: 0 CHF
24h internet access: 0 CHF
1h internet access: 0 CHF

A hard choice for picking the internet access options in a Swiss hotel (with intenet included in the room price)… should anyone really prefer the third and default option?

Sep 2008

By the way, the hotel – the Eden Palace – also offered dozens of movies and music albums for free, accessible via the TV that was extensively equipped for such hotel use (and even greeted me by name1 when I first entered my room) – however, it was a relatively small CRT model, no flat screen.

  1. on the display only, of course []