Searching for panties

Another special edition of search requests

For those who don’t know yet: These search phrases, highlighted in grey, led people here, and I neither shortened nor extended them nor made them up, I just translated the German ones.

Now then – some are im top but naked below. I.e. without panties. But why do things by halves? naked and without panties! Naked but with panties wouldn’t be really naked anyway. Unless you phrase it like this: naked except for panties.

And if the panties slip down, you can say: great she wears no panties, and she says: I wasn’t wearing any panties. Thus she’s also doing sports without panties only in mini, and because it’s summer, she eats an ice-cream without panties afterwards. If these were her only panties and she lost them for good, she says: I got no panties, and the lucky finder of the lost panties says: welcome panties!

And who knows, maybe she gets a thong for present from her boyfriend, and then she can say: I sometimes wear thongs at school – I only hope it’s not the only clothes she’s wearing. And to make him get a taste for it, she thinks: buy only thongs for my boyfriend, resulting im him saying: as man I like to wear thongs. (And as woman?)

Brings up the question, why do we wear thongs? Well: diapers are kinky. And even if it were written correctly, Cellebs in Deapers certainly aren’t the end of panties.

Some have problems with this topic that make them stutter: wife won’t convert to thongs thong. Well, maybe she’s one of those who people shout about: FILLING THEIR PANTIES WITH SHIT. Yuck! Don’t want that here! And I can do without her panties were a little yellow, too, but it might happen during a along day, I guess.

“bath attendant” briefs gay
Hmm, those wearing underwear with “bath attendant” printed on it certainly suffer from misguided taste, but I don’t think that’s a sure criterion for their sexual preferences.

chastity belt ilm
No, I didn’t find a chastity belt in the Ilm (that’s the name of the local “river”) yet. Occasionally a shopping cart, maybe you can build a chastity belt out of these?

That’s it, bye, and remember, I like to show my feet to others, more specifically in thong in front of friends. Not.

Fliege PS: Birds can do it, we can do it, let’s all do it, lets get to it!


  1. S

    LOL! Du hast ja interessante Besucher … bzw. Suchanfragen! :P
    Aber dir ist klar, dass du mit diesem Artikel das noch weiter unterstützt!?

  2. c

    Na hoffentlich! :P

  3. P

    Könntest Su bitte damit aufhören, meine Suchanfragen zu veröffentlichen!

  4. c

    :lol: Lass mich darüber nachdenken… (übersetzt: NEIN!)

  5. t

    Mein Beileid. :)

  6. f


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