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Use of data on this blog

The unavoidable server statistics, as on almost every web server, store automatically such data that your browser reports. These are:

  • Browser type/version,
  • operating system used,
  • referrer URL (the page visited directly before),
  • IP address of the accessing computer,
  • date and time of the server request.

I normally have no way to attribute this data to a particular person. This data is not being combined with other data sources, and it is deleted after a statistic evaluation.

Unless, that is, it is necessary in order to avert danger or allow criminal prosecution to store or pass on that data to the responsible authorities. (Which would, of course, be mainly because of your own behavior e.g. by justiciable insults, threats, copyright infringements etc. in your comments.)

For further statistic evaluation, external services are also used, which – also according to their own privacy statements – will (and can only) use this data also without any attribution to particular persons.

Comments, e-mails

Of course such information is acquired and stored that you enter on this blog yourself or transfer to me by other means. This includes comments, names, e-mail addresses and URLs that you enter in the corresponding comment fields. Entering this information is completely voluntary and is not checked in any way, you may use pseudonyms etc. Please note that the name, web site and comment that you enter will be visible to any visiotr of this site.

If, when sending a comment, you specify to be notified by e-mail of subsequent comments on the same post, such subsequent comments will be sent to the e-mail addtess specified; if a third person entered your address by mistake or on purpose – what, as indicated above, cannot be verified – you have links in the e-mail to prevent this in the future or even block your address completely for such notifications (or send me an e-mail so I can perform this setting – address see Contact & Info).

Conversely, your comments will be sent to previous commentators to the same post if they have chosen this option.

In none of these cases, your e-mail address will be published or sent to third parties.

Data will also be acquired and stored if you send me e-mails.


If you participate in a poll, which is occasionally used, your IP address (cf. above) and date and time will be stored as long as the poll is open, in order to reduce the possibility of one person voting multiple times; after the poll has been closed and evaluated, this data will be deleted. Furthermore, a cookie is set (see below).


Cookies are small pieces of information that can be stored in your browser (detailed explanation in the Wikipedia). Most browsers offer settings to delete particular cookies or completely block them, if you don’t want these functions, but that, on the other hand, can reduce the comfort a little.

  • This blog stores the setting of the language (English or German) that you last viewed in a cookie.
  • When you submit a comment (see above), the name, e-mail address, notification option and website you entered will be stored in a cookie, so that these fields are pre-set (still editable) on your next visit.
  • When you participate in a poll (see above), this is also stored in a cookie, in order to prevent you vote twice on the same poll.


If you have more questions about what happens to your data, just send me a mail – the address can be found under Contact & Info.


  1. ich habe mit meiner Frau 2008 eine Türkei Reise von einer Woche unternommen mit

    • Erst einen langen Text schreiben und um Prospektmaterial :roll: bitten, und dann fast alles wieder löschen? Haben Sie vielleicht doch gemerkt, dass dies hier mein privates Blog ist und ich kein Reiseveranstalter bin? Nichts für ungut, aber LESEN Sie doch erstmal die gefundene Seite, bevor Sie auf solche Irrwege geraten!

      (Falls es Sie tröstet: Sie sind aber nicht der erste.)

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