Montreux 2006

Freddie's statue beneath a cloudy sky – a few days before the FMMMDFreddie's statue beneath a cloudy sky – a few days before the FMMMDFreddie's statue, still (almost) undecoratedFreddie's statueView of Montreux's centerView of Montreux's centerFreddie's statue at sunsetFreddie's statue at sunset (now without people)The waveform artwork at an early stageProbably the boat for the trip to the Lake HouseView of MontreuxFreddie's decorated statueArtwork and boat to the Lake HouseWelcome drink next to the Petit PalaisWelcome drink next to the Petit PalaisInside the Petit Palais - from or before the statue filmQueen manager Jim Beach speakingArgentinian tribute band Dios Salve A La ReinaDios Salve A La ReinaDios Salve A La Reina - sorry for sub-optimal dark indoor photos of my little camDios Salve A La ReinaPeter Freestone saying a few wordsDios Salve A La Reina againDios Salve A La ReinaDios Salve A La ReinaDios Salve A La ReinaAround midnight at Freddie's statueAround midnight at Freddie's statueMatilda Valli & Grego Matos, the artists of the ribbon artwork
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  1. John Deacon rocks! I think he should have played the double bass instead of the bass guitar.

  2. A

    You should see Dios Salve La Reina. They’re the best Queen tribute band.

  3. c

    Yes, they were certainly great, and though I haven’t seen all tribute bands yet, I think you’re right. :)

  4. SH

    Hi Andreas, that is an amazing pic of Freddie’s statue in Montreaux. I am working for a Queen tribute band, the best there is One Night of Queen. see… I am looking for a pic of the statue for a Brochure that I am making for the band. I wondered if you would mind me using yours.

    I am actually going to Montreaux this November, we are performing a show there… its been 20 years since Freddies death :(

    Amyway if you could contact me that would be great. I’m sure if you ever wanted to come and see the show we could sort you out some tickets. We will be touring Germany for the 5th time next year hopefully.

    Steve Harvey
    One Night of Queen Production Manager

    • c

      Hi Steve,
      yes, you may use the photo – but please tell me which one exactly (since the comment area here is unfortunately shared for all images of the same gallery; then again, I assume it’s img_0766…).

      And thanks for the ticket offer, I’ll keep an eye on the tour dates. :)

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