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Everything stays the same: a new Pabuca topic called “New”.

Around here, the streets are being renovated – but before everything new is finished, there are intermediate stages. But it’s supposed to be completed in the next few days.


Something new for the “old ones” – new building for the old people’s home:


The old ones make space for the new – on the bargain table of a bookstore with a former stationery department:


But even these typewriters once were novelties!


PABUCE topic “Faults”… but whose fault is it anyway?

At the District Office’s construction site, they decided to build a gable at one back corner even though only a normal roof was originally planned and approved – since that casts too much shadow on the opposite house, its owner didn’t like that, and the gable must be removed:


Before – after: What a little landslide can do to a garden…


(This is, by the way, the construction site of the apartment complex where I’m living for two years now. Wasn’t my fault, though.^^)

And a little fault during road markings:


Links and Videos of the Week (2012/25+26)