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We all came out to Montreux…

Freddie-Statue bei Sonnenuntergang

On the Lake Geneva shoreline
To commemorate Freddie
We didn’t have much time
Rock4 and Queenie
Were at the best pl—

Um, no, gotta stop here, because the school auditorium of the CESSEV was, although quite suitable for the acapella concert by Rock4, certainly not the best place around. The Ned, though, a music club in an old factory basement or something like that, wasn’t a a bad place for a Queen cover band rock concert (and even for the shorter quasi-classical before that).

(And nothing burned to the ground, hence no smoke on the water.)

Aaaalright, now that I’m back home, I can admit that I was on holiday for the past few days (don’t want to tell the dear burglars where an apartment is unguarded); at the Freddie Mercury Montreux Memorial Day in, guessed it?, Montreux. Thanks to free Internet access included in the hotel price and occasionally some time, I wasn’t completely cut off from the blogosphere, though not as active as usually.

So in the next days, there’s a little flood of photos, thematically sorted. ;) But I rather held back with photographing things, actually.1

Well, that’s it for today…

  1. Only about 1200 photos. []