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Rosetta discovers dolphin on comet!!!!1eleven

Sensation! On the just released image from the close flyby of the space probe Rosetta at its comet 67P/Churything-Geramabob you can clearly see a BLACK DOLPHIN!


It’s UNAMBIGUOUSLY visible how it jumps around happily – it probably didn’t think he was being watched. And since it’s written in CAPITAL LETTERS here, it cannot be wrong!

Uh oh, THEY certainly won’t like this – first Florian exposes the SECRET MESSAGES of the Germknödel (German) (cf. Wikipedia), and now this image!! Note the parallels: dark dolphin jumping from bright areas – dark plum jam in bright yeast dough!!! That can’t be coincidence!!!!

And if somebody now
says that’s just a shadow, this is evidence that they already SOLD OUT to THEM!!!!! That’s an atrocity to which I can only say: … erm… where can I apply for selling out – and being paid well – too?


Rotated and cropped from original photo of European Space Agency – ESA/Rosetta/NavCam, licence: CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO

The Winged Sun

Sonne durch halbrundes Plissee

Light rings as proposal of marriage?
An attacking (and, for once, glowing) Shadow space ship?
A sun angel as guide into the 729th dimension?
An angel disguising as space ship?
A space ship hiding behind light rings?
Gravitational lensing from a black hole just generated by the LHC?
Another crack in the skin of the universe?
A revelation from the Akashic records about the trace of the true name of the Sun as danced eurythmically by the sun inhabitants, which shows the holistically optimal movements of shaking homeopathic remedies?

Or an effect caused by my circular window blind? No way, that’d be much too banal! :P