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Fractal thongs are a biohazard

At least, somehow “G-string/thong” and “biohazard warning sign” crossed my mind when I looked at the fractal title of the latest edition (1/08) of the magazine Spektrum der Wissenschaft (German edition of Scientific American)…:

SdW 01/2008 title

The magazine itself – which I’ve been reading for many years now – is, of course, more serious and respectable and much less crazy than my thoughts sometimes are. And more worth reading. ;)


Help, the monster is loose!

Aaaahh! A few days ago, it appeared for the first time, this *gulp* horrid monster with its glowing eyes and the *shiver* terrible mouth! And almost every evening it briefly looks around. It will surely catch me on Halloween! *shriek*

Look at this sh- shocking photo:

Monster at night


These eyes… and that mouth… *whimper*
My worst nightmares…

It looks – I don’t dare to say it – it looks like… like…

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Fiery Pope!

Did good old Karol really appear in a bonfire during a ceremony on his death’s second anniversary (already this April) – and if so, what does he want to tell us with this purgatorial or hellfire look?

(Image from the Daily Mail – see there for larger version)

Or is it a dancing John Travolta? Seemed to me, too…

Was it manipulated (which the photographer apparently denies strictly)? Or is it simply anything you want to interpret into it (see pareidolia)? I’m favoring the latter…

(via Bad Astronomy: “Popeidolia”)


Are you desperately looking for the face of Jesus, Mary or similar on a piece of toast to make lots of money from it on eBay? Why not use some help – a toast printer!

More pictures in the article at Evil Mad ScientistMore pictures in the article at Evil Mad Scientist

(Okay, that could be fraud. So: don’t use that, or instead sell it honestly :angel: – people who’d spend lots of money on such things either have a useless oddity museum or are nuts. And you don’t have to rip them off in addition to that.) :devil:

ComputerWorld. Review has 7 pictures (no, they just stole the pictures) From Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories who have more pictures and descriptions of their device.


Update: For believers in the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, they also made the matching toast (and offered it on eBay for the fun of it – sold for $26.99):

Why phryganeidolia? According to the Altavista translator, toast means “φρυγανιά” (phryganiá) in Greek, and “eidolon” = image, as in “pareidolia”, so you could call the result by that name…

(found on GameStar.de)