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Links and Video of the Week (2011/7)

Projekt 52/29 und Rock’n’Picture 6:
10,000 Superhero Fists

“Superheroes” is the topic of Sari’s Projekt 52, andi Juli’s Rock’n’Picture is about “10,000 Fists” by Disturbed… Superman is known for his outstretched fist during flying… hmmm, that’s something that I could combine…

29: Superheroes

Topic 29: Superheroes

My Superman army – their fists are seen from behind, thus they are in front of me, their leader – 10,000 men, about 8400 of them theoretically visible here…

One comment too much

No, not here in the blog, but instead:

The comment doesn't belong here!

The pink box contains a note that a word in the yellow box has been replaced with a shorter one.

Don’t think this annotation was supposed to be printed, was it? :D

(LTB Enten-Edition 24, p.190, Germany)