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Batman in Batman?

Bats + Moon

One could start to believe that Turkey is apporaching America (and somehow also Germany, unfortunately) regarding the utilization of lawyers and courts: The mayor of the city of Batman in south-east Turkey wants to sue the producer of the Batman movie – that is, the comic hero movie – because the name was used without agreement from the city.

Apart from the wee fact that Batman, the comic hero, is almost 70 years old and the Batman man is a little late – why sue at all? Why not use the homonymy touristically, for advertising? How about a Batman amusement park in Batman?

Oh, no, probably the Batman people are afraid that those owning the comic rights sue them – or demand horrendous license fees – if they’d use Batman just like that for Batman…

Hopefully he manufacturers of baseball and other bats don’t jump on the bandwagon. Or pet shop owners. Or Dracula.

Illustration: weirdvis/sxc

Links of the Week (36/2008)

Not that many this time…

I left out links about Google Chrome (and warnings of it) intentionally, that might’ve busted the database field…

Manga, 70% straight – or something like that…

On the Blogwiese (German) there are already a great many manga avatar images, I really had to join in:


Created with FaceYourManga.

And while we’re already playing around, we’ll also take the “Gay-O-Meter” test of Channel 4, who apparently consider a 5 pixel high text sufficiently readable:
…and find out that, like Nadine and Nerdcore where I found that, I’m also 30% gay:
30% gay


A countdown baton – or something…

  • 12 things that annoy you:
    12 drummers drumming
  • 11 things you couldn’t live without:
    11 pipers piping
  • 10 things you’re looking forward to:
    10 lords a-leaping
  • 9 things you wear/carry every day:
    9 ladies dancing
  • 8 series/movies you could watch over and over again:
    8 maids a-milking
  • 7 objects you touch every day:
    7 swans a-swimming
  • 6 things you do every day: watch
    6 geese a-laying
  • 5 kinds of food you couldn’t live without:
    5 golden rings
  • 4 people you’d like to spend more time with:
    4 calling birds
  • 3 of your current favorite songs: by
    3 French hens
  • 2 people who influenced your life a lot:
    2 turtle doves
  • 1 person you could spend the rest of your life with:
    1 partridge in a pear tree


Instead of listing 78 personal things in this German baton found at the Prinzzess’, I took the answers from what came into my mind at once when I saw this countdown from 12: The Uncle Scrooge comic “The Thrifty Spendthrift”) by Carl Barks from 1963, based on the old Christmas carol “The Twelve Days of Christmas”. :) Even though Easter is almost there…


(If you want, though, you can pick up this baton and answer it seriously…)