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Links and Videos of the Week (2010/09)

Videos of the Week (2008/32)

Four videos this week…

Lightning in super-slowmotion (via Wissen belastet):

More of these here.

A lone swimmer at the Sydney Olympics… (via mlogger)

The mystic solution for computer problems! ;) (via Bad Astronomy)

Rhabarberbarberabarbarbier… oder something like that. :rotfl: (via Resistance Is Futile) – yes, German, but give it a try!

8 8 8 ∞ 8 8 8

bride from behind No, I’m not writing about the Olympics in Beijing and their opening ceremony which will start today at 8:08pm local time = 12:08 UTC1; I just wanted to mention that by chance there are exactly 8 marriages planned at Pfaffenhofen’s civil registry today.2

A wedding date that’s probably harder to forget than others… local couples probably won’t think much about the Asian superstition that the number 8 means luck and wealth. (Hopefully. :) )

Just a little pity for the couples that they have to take the ramp at the back of the town hall because the proper front entrance is still inaccessible due to the construction works – my photo from this Sunday shows the ground at the front.

Photo: Paul Retherford – Fotolia.com

  1. except this sentence, that is []
  2. no, I’m none of them []