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Pretty ugly

Aus schön mach hässlich Konna started a “defacement contest” “Turn pretty into ugly” (German) in which you take a (portrait) photo – one that you are allowed to use – and deface the person a little…

For this I picked an almost three decades old photo of myself, and the result is something I hope that doesn’t look too funny to still be ugly:

(click for large view)

Wondering what pretty ugly photos the others will deliver… all contestants can be seen on the Konna’s contest page.


Don’t worry, there are no Dalek here… No, it’s about these flies (or crawling bugs) that have been creeping in here recently since I won them in the quiz at the Krötengrün (German) – this has to end!

Of course I could have turned to toads or other bug-eating animals, but I was afraid that those would multiply uncontrolled then. And since my fly swatter didn’t help much, I was looking for experienced help, and this green feller was so kind to come along and fight these critters:

fly and a small weapon

That was the last we have seen of these bugs here!

(Based on green GreenSmilies smilies, of course…)

A Web phenomenon

I Are Phenom?

…well, it’s a German quiz on Spiegel Online about Web phenomenons with Lolcats, the Star Wars Kid, etc., and they actually linked to the YouTube videos and other sources, which they don’t do that often. ;)

Anyway, I got all 9 answers correct…


Cat photo by Norbert Gunn – Fotolia.com; text by me

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