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Links and Videos of the Week (2010/34)


Links and Videos of the Week (2009/32)

  • Less is more: The results of a photoshop contest to reduce animals and objects – resulting in many two-legged quadrupeds. (via Nerdcore)
  • Lift-off of the Berlin TV tower… (via Nerdcore)

Berlin TV tower – lift off from Fabian Tischer on Vimeo.


  • A CollegeHumor video: The meta-conspiracy finally unveiled!! (via Spreeblick)


Links of the Week (2008/45)

Pretty ugly

Aus schön mach hässlich Konna started a “defacement contest” “Turn pretty into ugly” (German) in which you take a (portrait) photo – one that you are allowed to use – and deface the person a little…

For this I picked an almost three decades old photo of myself, and the result is something I hope that doesn’t look too funny to still be ugly:

(click for large view)

Wondering what pretty ugly photos the others will deliver… all contestants can be seen on the Konna’s contest page.