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Don’t worry, there are no Dalek here… No, it’s about these flies (or crawling bugs) that have been creeping in here recently since I won them in the quiz at the Krötengrün (German) – this has to end!

Of course I could have turned to toads or other bug-eating animals, but I was afraid that those would multiply uncontrolled then. And since my fly swatter didn’t help much, I was looking for experienced help, and this green feller was so kind to come along and fight these critters:

fly and a small weapon

That was the last we have seen of these bugs here!

(Based on green GreenSmilies smilies, of course…)

Music Quiz 13

Welcome to a new edition of my music quiz, a little different from the previous weeks… Like back in January, a bunch of smilies from GreenSmiles.com describe four lines of a song – which can’t be a word-by-word transcript, of course… so:

Which lines of which song by which band are illustrated here?

GreenSmilie GreenSmilie GreenSmilie    GreenSmilie GreenSmilie
GreenSmilie – – –GreenSmilie– – –    GreenSmilie GreenSmilie GreenSmilie.

Die Lösung, gefunden von Julia mit “etwas” Hilfe meinerseits: Lady in Black von Uriah Heep:

For she, the mother of all men
had counselled me so wisely then
I feared to walk alone again
And asked if she would stay

(Bei verschiedenen Lyrics-Sites finden sich auch kleine Unterschiede…)

Genauer hatte ich das so gemeint:

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Links of the Week (2008/17)

Short and sweet:

Music Quiz 5

Which two song lyric lines are described by these smilies?

1 2   3 4 5

And what’s the name of the song?

Yes, maybe that is hard – on the other hand, maybe someone instantly knows the answer…

Additional question (since I’m a Queen fan): What’s this song’s connection with Queen?

The solution, found by kanpeki: :clap:

There’s room at the top they are telling you still
But first you must learn how to smile as you kill

from “Working Class Hero” by John Lennon.

Covered by Queen drummer Roger Taylor on his album “Electric Fire”.

Thanks for participating!

(The smilies are from GreensSmilies.com, of course.)