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Hearing only one half?

The delivery note pocket of yesterday’s poster delivery also included an ad sticker from Bose, displaying about 2/3 of a drum and the text (translated) “Do y u also only hear o e h lf?” What’d be your reply to that question?

Do you only hear a half?

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Set clocks back: need help!

Today, at the end of daylight savings time in Europe, you must set back your clocks. The problem: How on earth should I get into the shops where I bought the clocks to set them back on the shelves on Sunday when all shops are closed? Break in?? That’s really a stupid rule!

Or how are you doing that? I can’t be the only one having a problem here, can I?

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Looks bad

Yesterday I wrote about the ad “Play Lotto – Lotto is safer than stock exchange!!!” by a local lotto ticket retailer – and the result: Total loss, only one correct number each in two fields, and you don’t get anything for that. Now that doesn’t look good for the stocks… ;)