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Set clocks back: need help!

Today, at the end of daylight savings time in Europe, you must set back your clocks. The problem: How on earth should I get into the shops where I bought the clocks to set them back on the shelves on Sunday when all shops are closed? Break in?? That’s really a stupid rule!

Or how are you doing that? I can’t be the only one having a problem here, can I?

A radio-controlled clock is wrong…

» Your radio-controlled clock is wrong? Click here for tips!

Apart from the fact that in (not only) my opinion we could do without these clock changes – then, though, without the one in autumn, I prefer it when it gets dark later –:

If a radio-controlled clock is programmed so stupidly that it checks for the correct time only once per day at 00:00 (12:00 am) (even though this makes the programming process easier since that’s the situation after inserting new batteries) and thus is wrong almost the entire Sunday, this, I think, really doesn’t indicate a thoroughly working and sufficiently thinking manufacturer.

At least temperature and pressure-based forecast seemed to be correct… But, well, it was only TCM, the private brand of discounter Tchibo. :mrgreen:

Clock changes are unpopular / Advent’s Advent

The result of my last poll here in the sidebar on the right about the clock changes for daylight saving time: a vast majority of 83% (of 24 participants) want to do away with the changes and keep summer time, so that it’s longer bright in the evening. In detail:

poll about daylight saving time

The next poll is already ready: Do you have an Advent wreath (or will you have one starting first Advent)?