A radio-controlled clock is wrong…

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Apart from the fact that in (not only) my opinion we could do without these clock changes – then, though, without the one in autumn, I prefer it when it gets dark later –:

If a radio-controlled clock is programmed so stupidly that it checks for the correct time only once per day at 00:00 (12:00 am) (even though this makes the programming process easier since that’s the situation after inserting new batteries) and thus is wrong almost the entire Sunday, this, I think, really doesn’t indicate a thoroughly working and sufficiently thinking manufacturer.

At least temperature and pressure-based forecast seemed to be correct… But, well, it was only TCM, the private brand of discounter Tchibo. :mrgreen:

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  1. A

    I had the opposite problem as I changed the computer clock and the clock of the cell phone only to find out that they are changes automatically for the summer time (it is so fogy outside that I can’t believe it is summer clock already) and I got up in the morning totally confused as the difference was two hours and after I realized what happened I had to reset everything.

  2. c

    I think I should check my cell phone if it did that automatically – I’m not using it that often…

  3. M

    Ich bin auch im Besitz eines solchen Weckers und bin eigentlich damit recht zufrieden. Die Uhrzeit stellte sich bis jetzt bei jedem Wechsel einwandfrei um und hatte keine Probleme. Das einzige was mich nervt ist, wenn er aus irgendwelchen Gründen die Zeit mal neu abfrägt und dann ewig rumrödelt bis er diese wieder hat.

  4. meine funkuhr “scene” geht 2min zurück..
    und wenn ich die uhrzeit richtig einstelle, stellt sie sich um 12 uhr nachts automatisch zurück.
    Nach taletangen Experementieren geht sie jetzt 14 min vor,
    -statt 2 min zurück…
    KATASTROFE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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