400, or: So many questions…

tits This is post # 400 in this li’l blog o’ mine (don’t get confused by the number in the URL, that one also counts drafts, pages and uploads). I know, others might just raise a light smile, at best, at these numbers, but… so be it.

As in the 300th post, which also started in a similar fashion, I’m gonna address some of the questions and statements I have been approached with through the search engines (and I’ve translated the German ones for you; the search phrases have a grey background):

  • pages nobody needs
    Won’t find these here. :mrgreen:
  • monster tits
    Well, I certainly wouldn’t call the two tits in the upper right corner (photo by Max xx / flickr) monsters. Alright, from an insect’s point of view, maybe, but otherwise?
  • birds keep passing by to tell me
    And what do they tell you?
  • i am the lord your god this is what is real and weather you like it or not the human race has only one destiny
    And, erm, which destiny is that?
  • masturbation!
    Aaaah yes. Okay, not that I‘d listen to a god, but if you say so – hang on, I’ll be back in several minutes…

twiddle thumbs


well and now?



panties down Alright, back to the fact i’m the mack and i know that, let’s continue with a panties update (photo by Meredith_Farmer / flickr):

  • crappy panties!
    Well, yeah, you’re somewhat right; just mention panties once, and you get those search requests…
  • show me your panties
  • what do you see below the panties?
    Maybe you can see the background through the gap bewteen the legs? ;)
  • the panties of the aunt
    What about ’em? And why on earth is it aunts who are so popular when it’s about panties or being nude??
  • guys wearing girlfriend’s panties
    how the hell can you think your beautiful?

That’s enough, before another visitor arrives with the panties size of paris hilton, let’s move on to other topics quickly:

  • uri made geller it
    I think don’t so.
  • write one mails where I serious counter
    Hmm, that might be difficult…
  • newst celphones by apel
    Very difficult! Better forget about it.

Now just a plea to the universum : 6 correct lotto numbers. And now it’s time for bed, i am too weak, that’s it for today, bye!


  1. T


    Bin via “uri made geller it” auf diese Seite gestoßen. Wer sich fragt, wie das zu Stande kommt – ich suche nach einer Lösung zu Level 60 von http://www.grauezelle.net :-)
    Und Level 60 lautet “ti relleg edam iru”, mein Ansatz ist das ganze rückwärts zu lesen und dann kommt halt “uri made geller ist” raus…

    Viele Grüße und viel Spaß mit weiteren Google-Treffern :-)

  2. c

    Ah, danke für den Hinweis. So weit bin ich bei grauezelle.net noch nicht… :)

  3. BS

    cool, machs auch grad

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