300, or: So many questions…

This is post # 300 in this li’l blog o’ mine (don’t get confused by the number in the URL, that one also counts drafts, pages and uploads). I know, others might just raise a light smile, at best, at these numbers, but… so be it.

To let this post have some meaning, I’m gonna address some of the questions and statements I have been approached with through the search engines (and I’ve translated the German ones for you; the search phrases have a grey background) – well, some of them are answering each other:

(I know, my 200th post started in a a similar fashion. :) )

All right, everything is gonna be so right, welcome to your destiny, believe in yourself, the answer will come.

  • can i borrow you for a minute maybe two or five maybe for the rest of my life
    The former: yes, why not – what for? But the latter must be thoroughly thought through…
  • me in my panties und I without panties
    Really? Can you prove that with a photo? :mrgreen:
    i live in russia
    I don’t. But why does that keep you from making these photos?
  • do men wear thongs
    do you like men in thong
    Since the German Stringtanga Forum noticed my poll this Wednesday, there’s quite some buzz in the poll and in the comments, so check it out again…
  • lotto “6/49” how often two consecutive numbers
    No, no, you do that “Bild der Wissenschaft” math quiz nicely by yourself…
  • calculate the next lottery numbers
    do you believe in what you’re saying
    say it’s not so
    Well, it is, sorry.
  • turn around ask yourself

    (no reply)
  • ain’t looking for nothing but a good time and it don’t get better than this
    Thanks. :)
  • next uri geller what to say to throw spoon off the tv
    which 3 words does uri geller say in hebrew
    achad shtaim shalosh
    what does achad shtaim shalosh mean
    “1, 2, 3”.
  • 2 girls 2 cup?
    Don’t know about that one.
    2 girls 1 cup original video
    vomit stimulus
  • another question hangs in the air now there’s an answer i know it’s out there
    you’ve got so many questions
    you bet
  • do you want sugar one lump or two
    No thanks, no sugar for me.

So keep on rocking or turn the tv off and go to bed now. :bye:

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  1. K

    Glückwunsch zum 300. – weiter so! Und auf viele weitere herrlich unsinnige Suchanfragen. :D

  2. c

    Danke — und um die Menge an Suchanfragen mach ich mir sicher keine Sorgen…

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